Transformative Impact in Small Business Through Discipleship

At Resurgence, we specialize in catalyzing positive change in local businesses through a unique blend of discipleship and discussion in the workplace. Our approach is centered on three core pillars:

Pastor Partnerships:
  • We facilitate meaningful connections between local pastors and business owners, fostering spiritual growth in the workplace.
  • Through intentional ministry partnerships, we create a supportive environment for employees to explore their spiritual journeys with local pastors within the workplace.
Employee Well-being Enhancement:
  • Resurgence is committed to the well-being of each of your employees. Our programs integrate spiritual principles to nurture mental, emotional, and spiritual health through transformational discipleship.
  • We believe that a thriving workforce is key to a successful business, and our initiatives focus on creating a workplace that cares for the whole person.
Purposeful Business Transformation:
  • We work with businesses to align their missions and values with a higher purpose. This purposeful approach goes beyond financial success, contributing to the well-being of both the business and the community it serves through the most connective element in each – people.
  • Resurgence believes that businesses can be powerful agents of positive change when guided by a clear and impactful purpose of ministry.

How We Do It:

Consultation and Collaboration:

Our team engages with business leaders and pastors to understand their unique needs and goals, tailoring our approach to suit each business.

Workshops and Resources:

We provide practical resources and conduct discipleship groups that empower employees to integrate spiritual principles into their daily operations at work.

Ongoing Support:

Resurgence offers continuous support and guidance, ensuring that businesses and ministries thrive in their collaborative efforts for lasting transformation.

Join the Resurgence Movement:

Whether you are a business owner looking to make a meaningful impact or a pastor eager to extend your ministry into the business realm, Resurgence welcomes you. Together, we can embark on a journey of transformative growth, creating a resurgence that elevates both businesses and the communities they serve.

Discover the power of purpose-driven business transformation with Resurgence. Welcome to a new era of positive change and meaningful impact.