Igniting Transformation Through Ministry Partnerships And Employee Discipleship

At Resurgence, we are on a mission to bring about positive and intentional change in local businesses by forging powerful partnerships between employees in small businesses and pastors from local churches. Our unique approach centers around the transformative impact of ministry, aiming to cultivate spiritual growth within businesses and their employees’ lives.

Our Ministry-Focused Purpose:

Resurgence is not just about business; it’s about ministry in the workplace. We believe that businesses, when infused with spiritual values, become powerful vehicles for positive change. Our purpose is to facilitate these transformative moments, where businesses and ministries converge to create a ripple effect of growth and purpose in the lives and families of your employees.

Ministry in Action:


Spiritual Transformation:

Through dedicated ministry partnerships, we foster spiritual growth within businesses. Pastors and business leaders collaborate to create an environment that encourages employees to explore and embrace their spiritual journeys inside of the workplace.

Employee Well-being Ministry:

Resurgence is committed to a ministry approach that addresses the spiritual well-being of each employee. Our programs integrate spiritual principles to nurture mental, emotional, and spiritual health, creating a workplace ministry that cares for the soul of each employee.

Process Ministry:

Our ministry extends to the very processes that drive businesses. We work alongside businesses to infuse ethical and purposeful decision-making into their daily operations, creating a ministry of excellence that aligns with spiritual values at the employee level.

Purposeful Ministry:

Resurgence sees employees as fruitful plants for ministry and the businesses they work for as the fertile fields where they can be nurtured. By aligning with a higher calling, businesses become agents of positive change for their employees, contributing to the well-being of their families and communities through a ministry of purpose.


Join the Ministry Movement:


Whether you’re a local business owner seeking to integrate ministry into your workplace or a pastor eager to extend your ministry into the business realm, Resurgence invites you to join our movement. Together, we can create a resurgence that transcends traditional boundaries, infusing businesses with the transformative power of ministry.